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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Q&A..Walk-on Expectations..

Hi Evan, My name is John Smith. I'm a prospective walk-on kicker, and I've got my first summer workouts this week, I contacted the coaches via email and exchanged several there-after in January, and met with them again in April. I'm a Freshman at XYZ College in Random City, USA. When I got to campus, I contacted the coaches again and he got me with their starting kicker. He's getting me his workout schedule today or tomorrow. I am SUPER nervous. I can hit from 45 regularly using a 3/4 inch block and 50 probably 1/4 of the time. I found your site after looking for help and advice online. Any tips you have about expectations that the team will have of me, how I should present myself, and how to interact with other players would be great. along with anything else you think would be useful.

My Response:

Thanks for the email, sounds like youve really thought this through, which is important. Here is the best advice I can give, which is what lead me through my first year or two.. Go in there with your head down and be ready to work, do what is asked of you, and work as hard as you can.. Dont go in there feeling entitled or having grand expectations, just act as if youre happy to be there. But, do go in there with confidence and high energy, just dont come in all cocky and rub people the wrong way. More or less, dont be THAT guy, and youll be fine..Earn your teammates respect by performance, and do all you can to stay out of trouble, because as a walk-on, you are expendable because the program does not have an investment in you, so dont give them a reason to cut you..

Writing this type of email and thinking it through makes me think that youll be fine, just get ready to enjoy the experience, because it will be the best time of your life.

Good luck!

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