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Friday, November 16, 2007

Phase Three: Now what?

Now what?

I am about to walk-on to a football team, what are some things I can expect?

I will break this down into two segments, explaining the physical and mental expectations.

Physical Expectations:

1. As previously stated, TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! From the end of your senior year to day one of college football, do everything it takes. Want to be at an advantage? Be in shape!

2. Continue working out and getting as strong as possible. If your high school training program was effective, continue using that, if not, find an effective program to maximize your efforts. There is a HUGE leap in the size, speed, and talent of players from the high school level to the college level, prepare yourself as much as possible.

3. Speed. Do not rely solely on the weight room, make sure you are preparing for the speed of the college level. You need to be faster and more agile than you were in high school, so do not take this aspect lightly. Most cities have quality speed and agility centers for maximizing overall speed, if not, then find your inner self-commitment and train yourself.

4. Practices are run at a high level ALL THE TIME. Be prepared to work your tail off from the minute you step on the field until the last whistle.

Mental Expectations:

1. This is NOT the movie RUDY, however, your road will be an uphill battle. Expect from day to come in and compete and earn everything you get. From my experience and other stories, you will be treated as an equal, so be prepared to be coached and pushed just like other players.

2. Remember the quote, ACT AS IF. Act as if you are a scholarship player, act as if you are the next big player on the team. Remember, you are an important part of the overall success of the team, act like it!

3. Know your role. Expect to be on the scout team until you can prove yourself otherwise. Do not sweat it, most scholarship players go through the same route. Take advantage of it, you get to make yourself better by going against the first defense.

4. Put your head down and go to work. Do what is asked and what is told.

5. Take advantage of opportunities when they occur. Injuries and other issues are a fact of life in football, when you are given an opportunity to shine, seize it!

6. Expect to be put at the back of the line until you prove otherwise. Yes, scholarship athletes will be given more opportunities and more leeway. Remember, college football is a business and there is a big investment put into scholarships. However, that does not mean you cannot over come this hurdle.

7. Find your niche. If your position is full of players and you do not see an immediate opportunity to play there, find it somewhere else.

8. Make your name on special teams!!! This is where most walk-ons earn their role. The NCAA only allows a certain number of players to travel to each game(usually around 65), so if you can earn your role on a few special teams' spots, the coaches will have to travel you. If it is between a special team starter or a 3rd team non-starter traveling, the special teams starter will always travel.

9. Stay out of trouble. Coaches have a lot less leniency for walk-ons who get in trouble. Do not make it easy to cut you! This includes grades, keep your grades up. Coaches will not put time and effort into a player who will be ineligible, they will move on.

10. Have patience and enjoy yourself. Take a step back and realize where you are and what your doing, it will be the best time of your life.

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