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Friday, November 16, 2007

Phase One: High School

This phase is necessary to get yourself noticed so your name is out there. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of athletes receive attention without extra assistance, the majority of athletes need help in recruiting.

1. Important Note: It is never too early to get your name out there, start now! Start gathering stats, game film, and information now.

2. Attend as many summer camps as possible. Attend your local state colleges and other area schools to get noticed. This is important because:

-It will give you more chances to get noticed by college coaches

-It will give you an idea of how to practice at the next level and what coaches expect

-Most importantly, you will become a better football player

3. Get on the same page with your high school coach. Have a sit down with your high school coach. Discuss your expectations for the upcoming season and for your goals to play at the next level. Your coach will not automatically throw your name into recruiting discussions unless he knows you are serious about playing.

4. Look into local and national recruiting services. Make sure the company is reputable and has a history of success. Do not pay too much for services you can do yourself(i.e. sending out tapes, letter of introductions, etc)

5. After your first season of playing on the Varsity, send out your first letter to college coaches. Please see the Form Letters page for letter examples. Send this letter to every Division I school out there. It is important get your name in their database so you can keep in touch with each other. They will likely respond back with a general form letter requesting game film.

6. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! One of the best pieces of advice I learned through college was "practice your trait." Practice and train yourself to be the best at the little things and the details of your position. Physically and mentally prepare to be the best at your position.

7. ACADEMICS! This should be at the top of the list but it is not due to the obvious nature. Without proper grades, COLLEGES WILL NOT WASTE THEIR TIME! Get the work done in the classroom!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Great site! Thank you for the information. My son has been a dedicated player since age 4 and is now a HS Freshman. we are always looking for tips for success and what his options are for the next level! Thanks again!

Katrina Weger

ace said...

Hey um, i was wondering how could i become a walk-on football player. I tried to play high school football each year but my mom didnt want me to play because she thought i would get hit to hard. I played football without equipment in my hood which was even worse just to practice though. I really am dedicated to this sport and really wanna do something with myself so any advice?