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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

College Tuition? Scary!

One of the biggest decisions in deciding where you are going to walk-on is the price of tuition, which can be a very scary discussion. It's pretty tough to attend a school, let alone walk-on to their football team, if you cannot afford the initial tuition costs. Obviously, every individual has different circumstances, so I will point this article towards the mass. You need to take a look at your financial situation and find a school that realistically meets your parameters.

For example, here are two extremes to give of prices of schools:

Arizona State University:(in-state)

$4,908* per year

University of Florida:(out of state)

$17,150* per year

*Remember, these costs are for tuition ONLY. They do not include additional school fees, food, residential, miscellaneous expenses, etc (Florida estimates $30, 160 total per year for out of state students)

Now, not to scare you even more, these prices are sky rocketing. College tuition is averaging about 8-10% inflation each year(compared with normal inflation of about 4%)

So, lets say youre a Sophomore in High School right now, what will these two schools cost when you are a Freshman in college? (thanks to CollegeBoard.com for this estimate)

ASU: $6,184
UF: $21,604

In sum, yes these numbers are scary, however there are many resources out there for financial aid, scholarships(non-athletic), and grants. These numbers are meant for you and your family to plan accordingly, do not wait until the last minute to see if you can pay for your first year or two. Stay tuned for my assessment on these resources to help get your school paid for.

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