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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Q&A: How Old is Too Old for D1 Football?

I received an email last month with a very good question, how old is too old for D1 football? Well, the answer is: who knows! There are a ton of different variables that can play a role, depending on who you are, athletic ability, background, etc. Long story short, there is ALWAYS hope and a chance..See the email chat below:


Hey, I stumbled on your site Googling this question, and for years.....unfortunately have searched for the answer...for myself. A lot of different hardships in my life are the only reason why, but what's life without dreaming right? I was just wondering, when are you too old to play d1 football?

John Doe

Dear John:

Unfortunately, there is no real answer to your question as there are a ton of different variables. I am not sure of your age, but take a look at this story:


Hopefully this helps a bit!

Good luck!


@JZimmy67 said...

While a compelling story, as a blogger aimed at helping athletes make it to the college level I would think you would have done a better job at explaining exactly why this gentleman is able to play D1 football at 40. The NCAA specifically states that an athlete has 4-5 years of eligibility following their high school graduation unless they qualify for a SPECIAL circumstance. Those circumstances usually revolve around religious missions and/or military service; the exact case for the South Carolina player. The NAIA observes similar rules but they don't account for an athlete's 5th year. I think you should have accompanied this information with your post instead of stating "there's ALWAYS hope and a chance" because in reality for most, there's not.


Evan said...

While I am not sure your motive or intention for this comment, but here is my response.

My understanding of the rule was that your clock starts once you start college and not dependent on when you graduate high school. So, if this gentleman did not go to school directly out of high school, his clock would have never started. If I am incorrect on this, then kudos to you for having the NCAA manual memorized.

Second, if you see my post it states: "there are a ton of different variables that can play a role, depending on who you are, athletic ability, background, etc"
So, without knowing the guy's background, I had to generalize as he MAY have had a SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE as you stated.

Long story short, this blog is general in nature that is typically directed at players still in high school, so when someone throws me a curveball question I need to generalize.


Unknown said...

I just turned 23, graduated high school in 2008, weigh 305 lbs, run a 5.5 40, bench at least 330 squat at least 450+ and can calf raise 850 lbs 30+ times(Nickname is Calves) Going to camps this summer to tryout for D1A college football, as a defensive tackle. I'll let you know how it goes. Adam Neisler

Unknown said...

I don't know if you'll be able to help me but it's worth a try since I don't have much time left. I am a college student looking to walk on at Northwestern State Louisiana. I'm 6'0 245 and I'd love to play linebacker. this summer has been up and down with my workouts trying to get in shape but i keep getting small injuries that set me back. I love football with a passion. I love watching film and picking a play apart. I tried out in highschool but ended up leaving the team because I just wasn't getting from point A to point B. Ontop of that I had to get flat foot surgery which I never truly recovered from. but my passion for the game only grew. I started watching film on technique getting mentle views on how to become a top defender and I'm ready to put that into effect. I'm about to be a junior and I feel It's now or never. I'm a very humble person and willing to work and learn. what would you suggest I do because I'm really nervous about going out because I'm out of shape but I really want this. I live and breathe the game and I feel it's time to live and breathe in the game. Any tips or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm 23 and my last year of football was my junior year in high school. I want to walk on to a d1 college fall of 2013. Any tips onimpressing the coaches. Would if be a smart idea to take a video of me running routes an lifting wieghts and sending it to some colleges for a look.
Any tips would help thank you

Anonymous said...

Yea I would love one more chance and I have a couple friends that are awesome to I would love one more chance to provemyself.

Anonymous said...

And I would prove that not only an I goodenuff for collage but could make the pros

Anonymous said...

I am 27 years old. I enrolled in collage back in 2005 for one year and ropped out because I had children. Im still in foos shape and im wonsw ring if it os to laye to play collage football?

Unknown said...

Well you are not doing a very good job right now proving you should be in college because you can't even spell college right let alone any other word so good luck. Well this was posted a few years ago so I doubt you made it.